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Outdoor Signs
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Any seasoned business owner knows the importance of good signage in every industry. Besides its ability to build your brand, show people where to find you, and tell them what your business is all about, a constantly visible business sign such as window graphics, for example, can save you tons on advertising costs. If you are thinking about investing in signage or improving what you currently have, here are a few types to consider making a lasting impression on your target audience and ultimately boosting your revenues.

Types of Business Signs to Consider

To leverage your signage, you can start with a well-designed combination of storefront window graphics, indoor business signs, and even ADA compliant signs in your business establishment. These three can work coherently together to significantly help you achieve your business goals.

Storefront Signs

Eye-catching storefront window graphics are especially helpful when your store is located in a street where there’s a heavy foot or vehicle traffic. These are usually vinyl stickers that can be installed on huge glass windows to catch the attention of passersby or to add privacy, as in the case of a custom frosted window film. A frosted window film is just one of the several window graphics options you can choose from to apply on your store window or glass door and they can be customized to display your company logo or use colors to represent your brand.

Window Frosting

For larger offices that utilize glass partitions inside their workspace, a window frosting would be an excellent option. Glass window films may seem pretty simple but they can actually add a touch of elegance to any office space and even help reinforce other elements of your signage. A privacy window film, for instance, can be customized and cut to flaunt your company logo or used as wayfinding sign to show people what each room or cubicle is called or used for. Instead of using a Plexiglas sign to indicate it’s the manager’s office, you can use a custom-cut privacy window film to do the job.

Custom ADA Signs

The nice thing about a window film is that it can be used on glass doors or styled further as ADA compliant signs to help the visually impaired. Etched window films, for example, can be turned into custom Braille signs to lead people with visual impairment to the bathroom, fire exit, and other locations within the building. Having stylish custom ADA signs in your business establishment does not only enhance your interior’s aesthetics but it also tells both your team and your customers that you care for the welfare of everyone.

Wall Murals

Another indoor business sign you can use to complete your business signage system is a wall mural. Wall murals can now be digitally printed for convenience and affordability and they are often used as temporary indoor signs to announce an event or usher a new season in. For example, if your store is holding an end-of-season inventory sale, you can use a temporary wall mural hanging in your lobby to announce this event and also to decorate that side of the wall. Commercial wallpaper murals can also be used for semi-permanent wall decoration to round off your interior design.

Final Thoughts on Business Signage

You can use any or all of the above-mentioned types of signs but to make sure you make the most of your investment, see to it that each is consistent with your company’s messaging and marketing strategy. Consistency is key to exceptional results. When your customers see one of your outdoor signs or billboards, they must associate the colors and images they see on these to your storefront signs or wall graphics. This will allow for better brand awareness and marketing success.

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