Smart Cities: Businesses on the Rise with Outdoor LED Signs

LED Signs
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A lot of people want to become successful entrepreneurs yet are not that knowledgeable when it comes to marketing. If you want to succeed in business, you have to know the 4P’s of marketing which are the product, price, place, and promotion. These key elements must correlate with one another in order to create your company’s overall brand, which helps you target your desired audience. An example of this is promoting the discounted price of your products or services by putting signs on your physical store or establishment. Hence, the birth and usage of LED displays.

What is LED?

A light emitting diode, otherwise known as LED, is a remarkably bright and vibrant semiconductor light source. The earliest LEDs were used back in 1962 as remote-control circuits for a broad array of consumer electronics. Aside from this, LEDs were also used as a replacement to indicator lamps. In recent years, through extensive and cutting-edge research and development by major companies in creating a white-light variant, LEDs have also become a popular and cost-effective choice by consumers for room lighting.

Why Choose LED?

Unlike your typical incandescent light sources, LEDs are brighter, smaller in size, faster in switching, more robust, and more long-lasting. Because of this, LEDs are also commonly used in traffic signals, aviation lighting, camera flashes, business advertising, and so much more.

How is It Generally Helpful for Businesses?

LED is bright enough to be used under the sun which is why it’s often used outside establishments such as restaurants, bars, retail stores, among others. They take advantage of the fact that LEDs emit extremely bright and vibrant light. According to studies, it is the least expensive yet most effective type of advertising for brick-and-mortar businesses. Many companies have their business building signs customized to captivate potential clients. These illuminated pylon signs usually display their logos, company names, special of the day, and taglines. Others are more creative and they post words such as “sale”, “available here”, “come in”, and other action words that encourage customers to check them out. Custom LED signs targets potential passer-by customers and converts them to actual consumers by catching their attention and attracting them to enter your establishment.

Typically, the advertising value is computed by cost per thousand impressions. If this computation is used in an average town in the U.S., this translates to 74 cents per 1000 impressions, in comparison to television commercials which has 22 dollars per 1000 impressions. When you think about it, people who are stuck in traffic are exposed to your business building signs numerous times. This works similarly with people who just happen to walk past by your LED sidewalk signs. Studies reveal that these ads reach about 70% of the people around you and that it increases your brand’s awareness by a whopping 80%. Considering that your target audience is within the vicinity of your establishment, it’s easy to influence them in making an action, whether it be just scanning outside your place and peeking through the window to see what’s in there or whether they actually decide to come in and perhaps make a purchase. This is backed up by research which reveals that these ads maximize engagement from clients since 60% of purchasing decisions are done at the point of sale. Also, even if they don’t decide to act on it right away, what’s important is that you’ve already implanted in their subconscious that your business exists through your exterior business signs.

What Are Other Benefits of Using Custom LED Signs?

Apart from everything that is mentioned, your LED ground signs or sidewalk signs still have a handful of advantages to your company which you may not initially think about. First, studies show that exterior building signs help entertain and distract your customers while they are waiting in line outside. Somehow, it tricks them into thinking that time is faster than it actually is, which means that there are lesser chances of frustrated or unhappy customers. Second, your illuminated pylon signs also help recruit future employees. It’s inevitable that some of your workers might suddenly resign, and you’re left panicking as to how his/her shift would be covered. Thankfully, your LED signs scream that your company needs staff and personnel. Regardless if you intentionally put up a sign which says that you’re hiring or if those are just your regular LED ground signs.

Why is It Still Relevant Today?

Although in this day and age, the popularity of social media marketing is taking businesses and consumers by storm, LED ads still play a significant role in converting your target market into clients and patrons who just happen to be within your company’s radius. Although it leans more towards the traditional approach to advertising, establishments today are becoming more and more creative with their physical signs such as putting up witty or relatable quotes and artistic designs that encourage people to take pictures with it. In effect. it ends up being uploaded on their personal social media accounts and people who follow them will become curious about your company. From there, a domino effect will follow. They will search about you online and they might even decide to go to your place, either to purchase something from or to even just have their picture taken on your sign as well. Hence, it’s safe to say that custom LED displays somewhat blur the distinction between physical and digital ads. Overall, using outdoor LED signs is an outstanding marketing tactic for local companies on the rise. It’s visually appealing, cost-efficient, and effective in terms of marketing to future and existing consumers and employees. It gives your store or shops an edge amongst other competitors within your area because you automatically catch everyone’s attention, day or night. Additionally, it tickles the public’s subconscious so that they will remember you when they finally decide to have a hair cut, grab a couple of bottles of beer, eat Mexican food, and what-not. Thus, if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re thinking of an effective way to help promote your products or services, then LED displays are definitely for you.
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