Choosing the Type of Illuminated Pylon That Best Suits Your Business

Exterior Business Signs
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There is a reason illuminated pylon signs are a standard for most businesses. Outdoor business signs can be just as effective as a radio or television ad. A well placed LED sign will turn heads and attract potential customers. If you’re a fairly new business trying to break into the market, business signs provide a good first impression of your business and establish your brand for potential customers. This is why careful research should be conducted when designing and placing an outdoor business sign. The sign type, location, cost, and design are just some of the things that need to be considered. This makes choosing a reliable sign fabricator a crucial step when creating an outdoor business sign for your business. This not only ensures that all the necessary permits for the construction are met, but it will also assure you that you are also getting your investment’s worth in terms of sign quality. A sign is a significant investment, especially for small business and startup companies that need to establish their part in the market. Therefore, getting it right the first time is important.

Types of Exterior Business Signs to Choose From

Finding out which type of business sign will have the biggest benefit for your business is important. A diner or a gas station on the side of a highway might benefit more with a large lightbox sign than backlit letter channels. A small restaurant in a busy urban setting might find letter channels more suitable for them. A company that is marketing multiple products might benefit more from dynamic LED signs. Fortunately, different exterior business signs are available that can cater to different business models, with each bringing their own strengths and uniqueness to the table. Having this information, a business owner can leverage that knowledge and use that to pick out which one will suit his business needs the best.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are fairly common signs used by business establishments, and for a good reason. They are cost-effective, highly customizable, and very durable. Also known as Internally illuminated letters, they are a call back to the iconic neon signs, but with the cost-effectiveness of an LED sign. Because they are usually constructed from acrylic or aluminum, with proper maintenance, the letters can last for a long time. Using these lightweight materials also allows the 3D letters to be fabricated in any shape and size. The illumination can be configured in several different ways to best achieve impact and visibility. A front-lit open channel letter can make your company brand appear like it was spelled with pure light. Add a translucent cover and you get a soft glow. Light the letters from the back and it would produce a halo effect which can produce a dramatic effect. A well-designed channel letter sign placed inside or outside your establishment can provide old and new customers a better idea of your company or brand. If your business is looking for bold and unique signage that is also affordable, channel letters are something to consider.

Lightbox Signs

Lightbox signs are fairly popular exterior business signs. It’s typically a box constructed from aluminum, with a graphic print on one or both sides. These graphic prints can range from simple letters and logos to photo realistic graphics. The signage is lit from the inside using LED illumination. This makes the lightbox an energy efficient beacon during nighttime. The graphic print can be readily replaced for a fraction of the cost. This makes this type of outdoor business sign a cost-effective choice when advertising seasonal sales or seasonal products. And since it is made from aluminum like channel letters, light boxes are just as durable and are expected to last for a long time, even when exposed to the sun and other harsh environments. Since they are usually mounted at a significant height this makes them easy to spot and read even from a distance in dark highways. They stand out and can easily catch the eye, which is why lightbox signs can be effectively used as way-finding signs. A strategically placed lightbox in a busy road can easily catch the eye of travelers looking for a hotel or dinner. They can also guide customers in and out of your business establishment. A good design will encourage product recall for those that pass by the sign regularly. For businesses that require highly visible signage that they can change readily, a light box sign is something that should be considered.

LED Signs

LED signs are becoming more and more of a trend in today’s businesses. This type of outdoor business signs are visually impressive and can effectively engage more potential customers because of the amount of information they can display. Because it uses LED technology, LED signs are very energy efficient. They also last a lot longer than fluorescent and neon lights, making them much easier to maintain. Modern LED signs can also be operated remotely, allowing the business to change the display remotely. This gives the added benefit of being able to shuffle multiple products and ads throughout the day. This opens up the opportunity to target a different set of viewers with different products depending on the time of day. The high definition display and bright colors have been proven to keep viewers, and possibly potential customers engaged. Placing an LED sign in busy roads, specifically locations where vehicles and people would regularly stop by increases the impact of the LED sign. The strong visual impact immediately catches the viewers’ attention and instills product recall. A 2010 research by Arbitron shows a 47% recall for viewers who have seen a digital place-based video for the past month. Nearly 1 in 5, made an unplanned purchase of the product that they saw advertised in the digital LED sign. In the same study, a comparison with other media was made. Digital signage has reached more Americans in 1 month, 70%, compared to Facebook and YouTube.

With rapidly improving software support coupled with rapidly advancing digital technology, LED signs are proving to be a great investment for businesses that are trying to establish product recall and at the same time reach more potential customers.
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