10 Reasons Why Your Storefront Needs a Sign

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Every business owner knows the importance of a storefront sign. Regardless of the type of industry or size of the business, well-designed signage can spell the difference between a thriving business and a run-of-the-mill type of store that’s here today and gone tomorrow.

Have you experienced looking for something you need downtown and you can’t seem to find a store your friend told you about? You were given the name and address of the business establishment but you’ve been walking up and down the busy street all afternoon until you finally decided you don’t need the item that much. If you owned that store, this could have meant a missed opportunity to make another sale.

How Storefront Signs Can Help Your Business

This is why storefront signs are crucial ingredients in all businesses. If you were that store owner, you would have made another sale with a captivating window decal that’s impossible to miss. Here are 10 reasons why industry leaders must consider investing in attractive storefront window graphics.

No. 1 Showcase Your Passion

Having a physical store with shelves full of high-quality merchandise that people need means nothing if these people don’t know who you are, what you do, or where to find you. This is where eye-catching business signs such as storefront window decals come in. If, for example, you are in the signs and graphics business, a constantly updated storefront sign gives you a chance to let your customers know what you are passionate about and what you and your team are capable of doing. Your ability to use colors and themes to convey your company’s values will naturally draw customers to you and let them know you’re the guy they need.

No. 2 Save Money on Advertising

Without a doubt, excellent signage is one of the most affordable means of advertising. Compared to television and radio ads, or social media ads that you keep paying for on a regular basis well-planned signage gets the job done at a much lower cost. You only pay once to get top quality storefront window graphics done and they’re going to be there 24/7 getting your message across to your target audience, helping them find you and learn about your services. You may even think about replacing your storefront sign every season to announce a seasonal sale or an important event, but even the cost of this would be much affordable than running a TV ad.

No. 3 Announce Significant Events

As mentioned, you can use a temporary window sign to announce a sale or a product launch. You’ll be surprised to find plenty of affordable and highly-customizable options to do this. All you ever have to do is look for experienced graphics artists near you and have one done.

No. 4 Strengthen Your Brand

If you already have outdoor signs, roadside signs, or monument signs put up, a storefront sign that consistently matches this signage can remarkably strengthen your brand and make people remember you whenever they have a need for your products or service.

No. 5 Improve Your Visibility

Faded storefront signs or fascia signs make it difficult for potential customers to find you in a highly competitive and crowded marketplace. An attention-grabbing window decal will allow you to stand out by turning every passerby’s head and have them remember you. They may not have a need for your products the first time they see your store, but when they do they will remember where to find you.

No. 6 Boost Your Sales

Compelling storefront signs tend to pique people’s curiosity and effortlessly attract potential customers in. Once inside your store, these people are highly likely to make a purchase not because they need your products but because they’re impressed by your store’s looks and want to try you out.

No. 7 Let Your Business Stand Out

Consumers nowadays have so many options. Uniquely irresistible signage lets you outshine your competition and will easily inspire people to do business with you. When paired with outstanding products and stellar customer service, the customers will eventually get to associate your brand with excellence, all thanks to a storefront sign that pointed them to you in the first place.

No. 8 Connect with Your Customers

Eye-catching and well-designed storefront signs help make your customers feel welcomed. In fact, this is probably the first thing they will see upon coming near your store. Make the most of this outdoor signage by letting a good design speak to your target audience.

No. 9 Develop Your Marketing strategy

Storefront signs that consistently reflect all your other signage can mean so much in taking marketing to another level. Any experienced signs and graphics specialist will tell you how storefront signs that match your outdoor and indoor signage can intensify your message and make people remember you whenever they need your products and services.

No. 10 Look Professional

Torn, outdated, and timeworn window decals may tell your customers that you don’t have the time or means to attend to even the smallest details. On the contrary, a fresh one will make you look professional and convey the message that you mean business. This will do a lot in gaining your customers’ trust and confidence.

Final Thoughts on Getting Storefront Signs

Without a doubt, storefront business signs can help you save money on advertising, build your brand and reach more customers. If you want to learn more about storefront window decals and other types of storefront signs or why these are among the most cost-effective ways to invigorate your business today, feel free to reach out to sign companies near you. Look them up on the internet, read customer reviews or speak to local business owners they have served. Visit their physical store if they have one so you can personally see their signage. If they’re as good as they claim to be, their own storefront window sign will likely prove it.

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